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The following testimonials represent a sample of actual cases that aubrey isaacson solicitors have handled. The identity of the clients concerned have been kept secret, due to client/solicitor confidentiality. The reader should note that awards of compensation vary greatly from case to case, depending on the level of injury sustained and the amount of financial losses (e g lost wages) incurred.

Mr C instructed aubrey isaacsons to act on his behalf approximately 18 months after an accident at work when he fell and sustained a serious back injury. He had previously been represented by another firm of solicitors who had done very little to advance the claim. The claim was eventually settled on behalf of Mr C at a figure in excess of £85 000.00.


Mr A suffered a bad sprain to his ankle, when his foot went over on an uneven flagstone close to his home. He contacted aubrey isaacson solicitors who attended at the accident scene, measured the tripping point and found it to be in excess of one inch. aubrey isaacsons made a claim on behalf of Mr A against the Local Authority. After six months, a settlement in the sum of £2 250.00 was negotiated by aubrey isaacsons from the Local Authority and paid to Mr A, to compensate him for the injuries he had suffered.

Mrs I slipped on some wet stairs at work, and seriously injured her back. The Defendant first offered £10 000.00, then £20 000.00, and then finally settled for £70 000.00.

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Mr E was travelling as a passenger in a vehicle, which was involved in an accident. aubrey isaacsons acted on behalf of Mr E from the outset of the accident, in advising him and obtaining a number of substantial interim payments to help him with his living expenses due to the nature of the injuries he sustained. The medical reports and specialised reports from care, housing and special needs experts were obtained. The case was finally settled for £500 000.00, with part of that money being invested to enable an income to be paid annually to our client for the remainder of his life.

Mr J lost the sight of one eye when a fellow employee accidentally struck him in the face. The case was settled for £135 000.00.

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Mr F was injured whilst riding his motorcycle by a vehicle which suddenly pulled into his path. He suffered a broken ankle and was immobilised for six weeks. As a result of obtaining detailed witness statements and investigating and making various enquiries, liability was conceded by the driver. Mr F received £45 000.00 in settlement of his claim.

Mrs H sustained an injury to her back whilst lifting one of the Care Home patients. aubrey isaacsons acted on behalf of Mrs H, in obtaining expert evidence as to the lifting, handling and moving of individuals. Liability was admitted by the Defendants, and Mrs H received an award of £30 000.00 for the injuries that she had sustained in the accident.